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'Inferno' - Custom Made Brass Knuckles

'Inferno' - Custom Made Brass Knuckles

Made in the USA!   Original Design by underground weapon maker Mark R.   This special edition...
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Not great honestly 3 out of 5
Reviewed by Hazel DeFino on Nov 27, 2018

The reason why I do not like these knuckles is bc yes their very nice and they weigh 10 oz and it's pure brss. However for a $110 knuckle and I'm not joking. this is a real review. I feel that a $110 knuckles should have lacquer coating. Because every dam 2 weeks I have to always Brasso it and it's a pain i* t** a** with the flames because I still have blie brasso LO stuck in there. and it's just I shouldn't have to maintain a $100 knuckle the other knuckles that I have are extremely excellent but this one I actually once I had to maintain it I was trying to sell it and I couldn't even sell it as people though want to maintain it and I felt that I shouldn't have to maintain it for $100 So I will not be buying these knuckles again and no they were not shiny when I got it. will be buying the original Chrome midnight knuckles instead. And last comment it does look good but it's like I felt like I wasted a $100 on it
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