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'Slayer' Custom Brass Knuckles

'Slayer' Custom Brass Knuckles

Made in the USA   Original Design by underground weapon maker Mark R.   This special edition...

By Timothy Sweeney on
Clearly designed, machined, and polished to a beautiful, mirror finish, with nothing but QUALITY in-mind, all the while. These knuckles are truly masterpieces of disaster(pieces?). The person on the receiving-end of a fist adorned with these should feel FORTUNATE, HONORED, PRIVILEGED, and even THANKFUL to have been clobbered by such exquisite craftsmanship...

Although, I'd have mixed feelings about actually USING them to defend myself... is it more of a sin to BLEMISH them by getting into fisticuffs with a rival/opponent/alter-ego-in-the-flesh/genocidal mad-man and his goof-troop of fiendish underlings, hell-bent on world destruction, world domination, world corruption, and/or world mass-annoyance? Or, would it be more unforgivable to NOT use them to defend oneself against a brutish, maniacal, evil tyrant and his cronies? Discuss! :)

[For me to consider using them in a real-life altercation, it would be entirely situational, as to whether or not I could justify utilizing them to defend myself/my present company/family/friends/partners-in-crime... in other words, if I had something else (a paper clip, a broken bottle shard, a Post-It note with the sticky-adhesive-tack worn-off, or perhaps a Mossberg 590(A-1) 12-Gauge Shotgun, with pistol-grip, loaded with 8 rounds, and another 8 rounds on-standby...), I would likely default to the "something else", before resorting to potentially scuffing my beautiful, new Slayer brass knuckles...]
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