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"Italian Stilletto" Switchblade - ZOMBIE SKULL

"Italian Stilletto" Switchblade - ZOMBIE SKULL

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4 out of 5
Reviewed by Duane Aho on Dec 09, 2017

About what I expected. For the price point a decent knife by my experience so far. It's a bit heavier than expected but that add's a nice hand feel. The release is strong and quick. It feel's well made and better put together than the discount stuff "junk" I have bought "been tricked into" elsewhere **cough .. k...bud..cough** , feels like it's going to have a decent life span. Only real drawback was the belt / pocket clip. Like the knife it is solid but it make the knife feel completely alien in my hand. It can be removed quickly with 2 screws. But the 2 screws wont sit flush without the clip. Considering the low price I just opted to snap the clip off and it's all good now. I don't imagine ever buying a pricier blade with this clip style though. All said well worth the price and superior to the 2nd rate crap that is so widely available elsewhere. For 30$ or under you will be happy. NOW LEGAL IN MICHIGAN FOR ANY PRIVATE CITIZEN TO OWN AND CARRY AS OF FALL 2017 : ) : ) : ) : )
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