Hidden Button Auto Knife

Hidden Button Auto Knife

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Automatic Knife With Hidden Release Button

A Black Hidden Release Automatic Knife with black handles, black rubber grip inlays which hide the automatic button, black pocket clip, and a black, 1/2 serrated drop point blade.

4 inches closed and 7 inches open.


Brass Knuckles Company Acknowledgment and Representations:

Police Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Government employees, handicapped persons and other qualified individuals seeking to procure an automatic knife for use in their official capacity and/or as allowed by law must read and agree to the notice below.

I have read Sections 18 USC 1716 (G) (2) (1-4) and 15 USC 1244 (below) and fully will/do comply and agree to use knives in connection of duties as described in those sections.

Signed:_____DIGITAL SIGNATURE_____________________

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Federal law prohibits shipment of automatic knives across state lines, with the following exceptions:

  • 18 USC 1716 (G) (2) (1-4) provides this summary: Switchblades knives can be shipped to civilian and armed forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the Federal government ordering or procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with activities in the Federal government; supply or procurement officers in the National Guard, the Air National Guard or militia of the state or territory of the District of Columbia ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connections with the activities of such organizations; to supply or procurement officers or employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia or the government of any state or territory of any county, city or other political subdivision of a state or territory ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of such government.
  • 15 USC 1244 provides in summary: Knives can be shipped by common carrier, that sale, transportation or distribution, possession or introduction into interstate commerce of switchblades knives is authorized if it is pursuant to a contract with the armed forces or any member or employee thereof acting in the performance of his or her duty may possess switchblade knives and may have them shipped to him and sold to him or her. The possession and transportation upon his or her person of a switchblade knife or a blade 3 inches or less is authorized to any handicapped individual who has the use of only one arm.
Model: pk831013k
Date Added: 07/09/2014 by Lozie Hilliard
Quick automatic open action, and easy to close, the handle is plastic, and good price.

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