Self Defense Essentials

Self Defense Essentials

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This is THE classic how-to manual on everyday self defense. It includes beautiful line drawings to illustrate the techniques rather then incoherent photographs. Every page is filled with real world self defense tips that you can use when things get rough.


Some of the many techniques taught in this manual include: Defense against two-hand chokes from the front, rear and side. How to counter various clothing grabs, defending against a side head lock, bear hug, full nelson, hammerlock, and left punch. There are also defenses in this manual on defending against knife, stick and gun. In conclusion, even though the techniques are simple and effective; nevertheless, to get the most out of this great manual, one should combine it with actual hands-on training under a competent instructor.


About the Author


Charles Nelson joined the Marine Corps in 1934 and learned hand-to-hand combat, bayonet fighting and jiu-jitsu from, among others, Colonel Anthony J. Drexel Biddle. From Sergeant Kelly, who had been attached to the International Police in Shanghai, China, in the 1930s, he learned a unique fighting method based on Mongolian wrestling techniques intended to maim or cripple, which no one else in the United States was teaching at the time.


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