Knuckles Butterfly Knife - Gold

Knuckles Butterfly Knife - Gold

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Knuckles Butterfly Knife - Gold

This is the ideal butterfly knife for actual combat use. The lightweight aluminum handle and bowie-style drop point stainless steel blade are gold anodized resist rusting and damage and to reduce the weapons visibility.

The drop point blade is the classic, proven design effectiveness in hunting prey. The four finger knuckles shield protects your hand from injury and increases your control of the weapon reducing the likelihood of dropping it or having it taken away.

9 inches overall.


Note: As with all butterfly knives, please be sure to maintain and tighten the screws, especially the pivot screws. We recommend using a threadlocker for best results. Adjust with care, we do not warrant stripped screws!

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5 out of 5
Reviewed by Rocket Nk on Jan 16, 2018

Seriously a great quality butterfly knuckle knife. Feels real solid 8n the hand, no wiggle or loose parts. I misread the size of the knif, i was expecting it to be little smaller. But regardless it fits my hand with room for people with bigger hands. Has a tight secure lock tab. Great quality. Definitely will buy again if iblose this one
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