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Rosewood Butterfly Knife

Rosewood Butterfly Knife

Rosewood Butterfly Knife A "Modern Classic" with Quality and Class!   (UPDATE: This...

excellent 4
By Hazel DeFino on
Okay so the nice arrive today now it is a great nice I have to say. Now what I did was I actually put in phosphorus bronze washers the only thing I hate about it is how you have to have to T8 Torx screws to unloosen it and I was able to put phosphorus bronze washers on it. And I noticed something which doesn't come on cheap knives. They was red seem like red Loctite on it so same thing as Cobra too I noticed that they have Loctite so it's an inexpensive nice and it's a great one in my opinion so I changed you know what I wanted to do it came a little bit stiff out the box so just keep in mind you have to do to talk screws which I would rather have them pins but I really wanted that Rosewood and it looks very nice
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