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Training Butterfly Knife - No Edge

Training Butterfly Knife - No Edge

Training Butterfly Knife - No Edge Learn Butterfly Knife Tricks Without Getting Bloody Knuckles! The training...
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4 out of 5
Reviewed by Sean Bryant on Jul 30, 2009

When I first got this, I was pretty happy with it. The weight is pretty nice, and it's very fun to use.

Though, there are a few things that are a little "bad" with it. For one, the Latch is a little loose in the closed position. Easy to fix, and for only $10 what are you going to expect? Top notch stuff? I think not. But even with that, it'll stay closed if you keep it upside down.

The other little problem I had was, with it being my first Balisong, I dropped it a few times. The Screws that keep the "Pivot Thing" in were stripped, but that CAN be fixed.

Also, one other tiny thing that happened with it, one of the Tang Pins fell out. No idea how that happened, but since I hammered it in, it's staying there. But like I said, it's a $10 Trainers, you're not getting the best.

In all honesty, for only $10, it's a pretty good Balisong. Those two problems are easy to fix, and it's REALLY fun to use. Personally, I'd suggest this to anyone who wants a cheap, good quality Balisong.
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