Rosewood Butterfly Knife

Rosewood Butterfly Knife

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Rosewood Butterfly Knife

A "Modern Classic" with Quality and Class!


(UPDATE: This "Modern Classic" got a face lift for 2017 and now boasts larger wood inserts, Torx screw construction and tighter engineering tolerances that you will notice in improved handling and a tighter clasp when locked. If you liked the previous Rosewood Butterfly Knife then you will be blown away by this model. Just check out the pics below! )


Class and style like this usually doesn't come at such a low price. This beautiful style of butterfly knife was first popularized in the capitals of Europe where they were used as letter openers by British military officers back from the Pacific. The handsome real rosewood inserts and handle with a modern flat brushed finish makes for a fine example of the "modern classic" look.

  • Overall length: 9 inches
  • Partially serrated drop point blade with blood groove
  • 440 stainless steel blade.
  • Includes removable belt clip.
  • Torx Screw Construction
  • flat brushed finish
  • High Quality, Precise Engineering


Notice: Butterfly knives are dangerous and should be used with extreme caution. This butterfly knife uses Torx/star head screws that you must tighten before first use and check frequently before and during every use. As with all butterfly knives, you must be sure to maintain and tighten the screws, especially the pivot screws. We recommend using a threadlocker for best results. Adjust with care, we do not warrant stripped or lost screws!



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Background: Open, spin, slash, and close. With our line of quality butterfly knives, its an open and shut case. The butterfly knife, or "Balisong" is one of the most interesting knives in the world. It originated in the Philippines, in the small village of Balisong.


During WWII American soldiers stationed in the Philippines saw local people using the knife and loved the design. The thousands of troops returned to the US with their new knives, which they nicknamed "butterfly", and a new fad was born. US martial artists and teenagers alike began buying the butterfly knives in the millions. We are pleased to offer a nice selection of butterfly knives on our site. They represent the best and most unique balisongs we have found.


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