Factory Reject - Original Brass Knuckles

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Save almost 50% on our factory rejects!

These a factory rejects that we are selling at a deep discount. Just $20 bucks each! They all have defects such as scratches, dents, and tarnish. These can be polished up with steel wool and elbow grease or with your own polishing tools and sanders. They are great for custom projects or for people who care more about function then finish. I also reccomend using Brasso polish and just keep rubbing for a long, long time. The finsh just get better then longer you rub it. These have the same size, weight as our normal Original Brass Knuckles and are 100% solid nautical brass as well. They just have finish problems that are bad enough to keep us from selling them as a first run premium product.


NOTE: The unit you receive will be randomly selected. The condition of each unit varies. Some are more damaged then others. and we can not honor requests for specific conditions. These units do not come with a lifetime replacment guarantee or a 60 day return period. All sales of factory rejects are final. No returns, exchanges or refunds.


Just $20 Each!

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