CIA Poly-Carbon Dagger

CIA Poly-Carbon Dagger

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CIA Poly-Carbon Dagger

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The CIA Poly-Carbon Dagger is specifically designed for "Special Ops" and is made of a dense, durable, super hard plastic resin material that is nearly indestructible and 100% non-metallic and non-magnetic. That means they are super lightweight and perfect for self-protection in high security areas. This is a great alternative when your normal weapons will raise too many alarms.

The round handle of this weapon is cast with a high-tact grip to ensure a firm hold and has a 3.5 inch tri point blade that is very sharp and easily capable of puncturing and/or stabbing but not as effect for slicing or slashing attacks. Also features a lanyard loop so it can be attached is a cord and worn around the wrist or neck.

Can not be detected by hand-held or walk-through metal detectors of any kind.

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5 out of 5
Reviewed by caleb meehan on Jan 10, 2014

This dagger is awesome. The knife handle is roughly 4.5-5 inches long it is a ideal for questionable moments that you would need something covert to defend against Rotts, pit-bulls, or a hostile enemy.
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