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UPDATE April 3 2020: The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) now reccomends all persons wear a washable cloth face mask when in public to prevent the spread of disease. This announcement reverses the CDC's previous advice that only medical workers and sick persons should wear face masks. These mask comply with the CDC reccomendation.
Up to 25% of people with COVID-19 may not show symptoms but still be contagious, the CDC says.


2mm Breathable Mesh Filter Mask


Secure some low cost protection for yourself and your loved ones. This foam mesh filter mask is so comfortable and light weight you will forget you are even weaing it. The special 2mm thick foam mesh filter material can be washed and reused daily to prevent the spread of germs. The CDC warns that reusing unwashed face masks can increase the spread of germs. Using no mask is better then using a dirty one. These masks are not medical grade and are intended for civilian use only. You can stock up now safe in knowing that you will not be depriving medical staff of their required protective N95 masks. Each mask comes sealed in a reusable zipper pouch.


  • Secure some low cost protection for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Each comes individually sealed in reusable zipper lock package.
  • 100% Washable and Reusable!
  • Non-Medical Grade. For Civilian Use Only.
  • 2mm Foam Material Stretches To Fit But Not Easily Deformed
  • Breathable Foam Mesh Material Allows Air Flow, Reduces Overheating
  • Filtration Level: PM2.5
  • Available in Colors: BLACK and WHITE.
  • One Size Fits All Adults
  • Child Sizes Coming Soon....



According to Anna Davies, a researcher at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, factory produced masks were three times more effictive at blocking microorganisms compared with homemade face masks.


Washable Foam Filter Mask


Reusable foam filter face mask PM 2.5


Stretch foam filter face mask 3m


You can wash this foam filter face mask in soap and water.


Protect from virus with foam washable face mask.


3M foam reusable face mask in color black or white


Girl wearing foam filter face mask from Brass Knuckles Company


Multi functional wasable reusable foam filter face mask





Keep you mask in a plastic zipper pouch when not in use. Wash your hands before touching the mask and putting it on. Do not touch mask with bare fingers once it is on. When wearing the mask avoid touching it with your hands. Adjust the mask my touching the ear straps only. If you must adjust the mask with your hands be sure to wash them before and after touching the mask. Remove mask by pinching the strap behind the ears and pulling it off while being careful not to touch the the "contaminated side" of the mask. Immediatly place the mask in the resealable protective pouch until you are able to wash it. Wash the mask as soon as possible with hot water and soap and an anti-microbial (such as alchohol). Also, disinfect the plastic zipper bag and allow to dry. Using clean hands place the clean and dry mask into th plasic zipper pouch and it is ready for the next use.


How to Wear Reusable Cloth Face Mask





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