Splash Proof Protective Mask - Full Face Clear Plastic Guard

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Splash Proof Clear Plastic Protective Mask - Splash Guard


  • Use in public to help protect against sneezes and coughs, spitting and other liquid attacks, rain and snow, dust and debris.
  • Use at home to helps protect against splashes while cooking, cleaning, and handling dangerous household chemicals.
  • Great for use when running or bike riding in the rain.
  • Folds flat for transport. Face guard tilts up for access to face.



  • Plastic is treated with anti-fog agent to reduce fog from exhalation.
  • Includes elastic band for adjustable fit.
  • Fits most adults.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 21.5cm x 29cm


Full Face Splash Proof Mask


Plastic Full Face Splash Guard


Clear Plastic Face Mask Acid Splash


Clear mask protects against oil splash when cooking.


Full Face Covering folds flat


Adult size adjustable transparent  plastic mask


Clear plastic mask folds flat protect against spitting and acid attacks


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