Urban Desert Survival Knife

Urban Desert Survival Knife

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Urban Desert Survival Knife

 This big ass knife might just save your ass some day!

The Urban Desert Survival Knife is a HUGE 13 inch overall knife with a very thick 440 stainless steel clip point blade with saw back serration. The handle is made of heavy duty aluminum to keep this knife light weight and it is hollow to store your emergency survival gear. It also includes a nylon lanyard so it can be tied to your wrist or elsewhere.


The end cap unscrews revealing a compass underneath and a hollow compartment that comes filled with basic survival tools such as matches and striker, fishing line and hook, sharpening stone, needle and thread to repair torn fabric or flesh and room for additional gear.


Includes a leather belt holster sheath with quick release snap and compartment for sharpening stone.


Dimensions: 13 inches overall

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