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5 out of 5 stars
46.95 In stock
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By Dylan Joseph on February 01, 2015
I bought this knife not too long ago for one reason: To get the most intimidating knife that I could find on the internet, and I wasn't let down. I'm only giving this knife a 5 star rating because the price is so damn good! If it were more expensive, I'd probably give it 4 stars and I'll explain why: The business portion of this knife (the blade and the knuckle), are make of pure steel and made well. This part is high quality and the knife is extremely one single problem is the handle, and to a lesser extent, the gem on the bottom, both being made of plastic. For the price, it doesn't matter at all!...but, I would love to see this kind of knife with a quality handle and gem on the bottom. No matter how you slice it though, this knife is awesome and worth the money! I'm glad I bought it. Unless someone comes at you with a gun, this knife will scare off even the most confident attackers :)
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