The Blackstone Tactical Knife with Glassbreaker and Belt Cutter

The Blackstone Tactical Knife with Glassbreaker and Belt Cutter

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The Blackstone may save your life!


Police and first responders always carry glass breakers to aid in the rescue of trapped motorists...AND YOU SHOULD TOO! 

If your vehicle is ever submerged in water or mangled by an impact the doors may be impossible to open. Tragically, many people are killed by fire or drowning because they become helplessly trapped in their own cars. The Blackstone's glass breaker is made up of a super-dense material that breaks glass with just a gentle tap. In addition, it includes a seat belt cutter in the hilt. Modern cars are made with seatbelts that lock in place upon sensing a sudden impact. In some cases seatbelts are nearly impossible to open in an emergency. The Blackstone's special seatbelt blade is designed to quickly slice through a seatbelt to free yourself and others.  The Blackstone knife could literally save your life and the lives of those around you. If you have a choose a single folding knife to carry on your adventures, this multi-function tactical knife should be it.

This makes the Blackstone Tactical Knife THE perfect emergency knife to leave in your car or boat.


  •   7.10 inch overall length
  •     3.5 inch blade length
  •     Ergonomic ABS handle with "stonewash" finish steel
  •     1065 German surgical steel blade with "stonewash" finish
  •     Drop point blade
  •     Lighting-fast spring assisted technology.
  •     Include glass breaker and seat beat cutter.


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