\"Evactuator\" by Special Ingrediant - DSG Lab

"Evactuator" by Special Ingrediant - DSG Lab

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Evacuator by Special Ingredients

This special preparation is often referred to as a "mickey" or "mickey finn" in slang.

The Evacuator is made from a unique natural bark that when mixed with food or liquid, it will cause total uncontrollable "evacuation." Via the natural route. Stand CLEAR! Warning: not to be used on others without their consent..

The Special Ingredients line of products by DSG Labs is a set of professional solutions to common problems that occur in the field.

Available to civilians for the first time...

Originally manufactured under contract by DSG Laboratories to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, a limited supply of these products has now been released for non-governmental sale. Use only with utmost discretion.

Warning: Not to be used on persons without their permission.

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