Spring Whip™ Baton

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Warning: Extremely Dangerous


The SpringWhipBaton constructed of heavy-duty steel spring coils and handle. The steel has been finished with a flat black powder coat to protect against rust and to make the weapon non-reflective and  Three telescoping shafts extend with a flip of the wrist and retracts with a simple twist. The spring tension provides incredible leverage that can create a very powerful blow.




Do not strike anyone above the shoulders with this item unless you truly believe your life in being threatened. This product is capable of producing incredibly powerful blows due to the whipping leverage action of the springs.


Dimensions: 6.5 inches closed and 16 inches open.


How To Open And Close: The baton can be expanded with centrifugal force by swinging it open just like a police baton. Grasp the handle firmly and swing your arm in a golf or baseball type swinging motion. To close the baton you can slam it onto something hard, such as pavement to release the sections of the baton and collapse it back down.


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4 out of 5
Reviewed by George Harris on Nov 22, 2014

This spring baton actually measures 6.5\" closed and 14.75\" open. Not a deal breaker for me but I thought I\'d bring it to the attention of others in case it is for them. Make are you lubricate it before you use, otherwise it may be difficult to close. I like the handle being shorter because it\'s easier to conceal. It opens nicely and will open upon swinging it. Once open you cannot use it to poke or jab without it closing but I don\'t know if it\'s supposed to do that. Good buy...I recommend it.
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