DEAL: $15 Chrome Knuckles

DEAL: $15 Chrome Knuckles

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The Original and Best Chrome Plated Knuckles

Superior Quality....Since 1999

Every morning Nate holds up his chrome knuckles and looks at his distorted reflection. He always keeps both shiny - his chrome knuckles and the image he sees staring back at him. It reminds him that today may be his last and that there are no second chances when you're on the streets. He picks up his wallet and money clip and slips them into one pocket. In the other pocket he deposits keys and a lighter. Finally, he puts his Original Chrome Knuckles in a very special place. Everyone knows Nate, he knows everyone. When anyone has a problem they turn to Nate. What makes Nate so respected? It couldn't just be the shine he keeps on his chrome..........or could it? 



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Original Chrome Knuckles™

Specs: 4.5" across, .5" thick, 2.5" high.

Finger holes 1 inch diameter (Approx ring size US16).

Fits medium to large size hands.

Weight: 6 oz.

Material: Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy

Note: Sold individually, NOT as a pair.


NOTICE: This item can not be shipped to city of CHICAGO. Do not order this item if you intend on providing a CHICAGO address. Your order will not be fulfilled.


Double Lifetime Guarantee: We will replace your brass knuckles just like Craftsman used to replace your wrenches. It doesn't matter if the damage was your fault or not. Just send us the broken pieces and we'll send you a replacement. We are that confident that these knuckles are built to last.


Do these come as a pair of two? Our knuckles are sold individually not as a pair of two.


Is This A Belt Buckle? No. These are authentic solid knuckles. There is no screw hole and stud that you see on novelty "buckle" paperweights. Our product is real.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

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