About Us

Since 1999...The Brass Knuckles Company

Since 1999, The Brass Knuckles Company™ has established itself as the world's leading manufacturer of brass knuckles and a premier distributor of exotic and unusual weapons and security, self defense and spy products. All of the knuckles we make come with our impressive Double Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If your BKC™ brand knuckles ever break for any reason, even if its your own fault, you can return the broken remains to us and we will send a replacement item at no charge. That is how confident we are in the unmatched quality of our famous Classic Brass Knuckles™, Original Chrome Knuckles™, Original Brass Knuckles 100%™, Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™, Non-Metallic Stealth Knuckles™, and Wide Top Knuckles - Medium™, 1864 New York Copper Knuckles™, and Original Black Knuckles - Heavy Duty™.


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