Double Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

All of the knuckles we make come with our impressive Double Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If your BKC™ brand knuckles ever break for any reason, even if its your own fault, you can return the broken remains to us and we will send a replacement item at no charge. That is how confident we are in the unmatched quality of our famous Classic Brass Knuckles™, Original Chrome Knuckles™, Original Brass Knuckles 100%™, Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™, Non-Metallic Stealth Knuckles™, and Wide Top Knuckles - Medium™, 1864 New York Copper Knuckles™, and Original Black Knuckles - Heavy Duty™.

We do not offer this guarantee on items we do not manufacture ourselves. Only Brass Knuckles Company brand products are included. These items have item numbers begining in "BKC". Example: BKC-001

Please Contact Us first to obtain authorization to return your damaged knuckles. You will need to provide your invoice/order number so we can verify the item was purchased from us.

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