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Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

NOTICE: We do not ship metal knuckles to the states of CA, NY, IL, MI, and NV. If you provide a shipping address to...

By D'Angelo Caldwell on
These knuckles are very cool. Mine are about 1/2 a inch thick, fits my large hands very nicely, and they have a cool design. Also very nice for their price. However, the only thing i hate about them are that they're made of some type of zinc alloy, and not iron. But, due to their thickness, that basically compensates for the material confusion. Plus it is still metal, its much harder than plastic, and zinc is just about the same hardness as brass.

Oh don't worry, i don't plan on beating anyone up with these though (would increase the damage caused by my punch substantially, however), i just care about the material they're truly made of. Wanted a pair of these for a time capsule, geo-cache i was planning on burying one day.
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