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Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™ A Brass Knuckles Company™ Exclusive!   We only made a limited run...

By Marcel Ojeda on
The photo for display is no justice to show the true beauty of these Knucks! These things are strictly BAD A$$! I was very pleased that they came to my house discreetly and fairly quick. I live in Hawaii and they got here no problem. I bought these for personal protection but honestly, I am worried if I ever had to hit some one with these that they could get seriously messed up and possible get killed. The spikes are more sharp than I thought they would be. But all in all I love this product and they fit perfect in my medium size hands. VERY PLEASED!!!!!
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