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Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™ A Brass Knuckles Company™ Exclusive!   We only made a limited run...

By Matthew McCray on
These knucks are AWESOME to say the very least! The are equally deadly as they are beautifully crafted. I am using a piece of lumber to get my hands use to the hard hit these would deliver if necessary or provoked. Now, past the self-defense aspect, these are a great conversation piece and heirloom to a son or daughter. My first knuckle duster and I love them, sincerely. Brass Knuckle Company is a STUPENDOUS company for those who are not familiar, for those who are familiar already know. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone looking for a personal self-defense weapon. Just as deadly as a gun, but not as loud. And, as long as you can throw a punch you will never be left defenceless. I REALLY hope I never need them for self-defense purposes, cause I wouldn't feel bad for the Mother Fucker on the receiving end. I would call 911 and hope they'd make it.. 😈
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