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Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Hard Plastic Knuckles - 100% Non-Metal A Brass Knuckles Co.™ Exclusive!   We are proud to introduce...

By simon gilmartin on
I was so pleased to do business with the BKC I live in Briton and recived my stealths in undef two weeks. What an amazing company!! The stealths are a little big for my small hands but they are totally solid my friend punched the hell out of some fencing breaking it to bits he has bigger hands and doesnt have the problem I have with my little finger. On my smaller hands I can't bash things as hard because I think I would break my finger off. But they are what they said they are totally unbreakable stealths and I was sad to let my friend keep them but they are better for him. For those with biggish hands I would recommend these bad boys. For my smaller hands I've ordered two of the boxing irons... the deadliest paper wieghts in the world!! I love BKC !!!
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