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The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

We now offer custom engraved brass knuckles for just $89 each.   Our #1 Selling Item! 100% Authentic...

By Kyle Mullins on
At first I bought a cheap pair from another website thinking "There can't be much of a difference", but I was wrong! Right out of the box I could tell the difference in weight, quality in craftsmanship, and detail to ergonomics in my hand ( I am 6'7" and have bigger hands and they feel good, they also feel good in my friends hand who is significantly smaller than me) THESE ARE NOT TOYS!!! if you can legally carry brass knuckles for self defense where you live I would highly recommend this product over any other Brass Knuckle.
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