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The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

We now offer custom engraved brass knuckles for just $69 each.   Our #1 Selling Item! 100% Authentic...

By Ivan Lopez on
I just got mine today it took 8 days but 7 buisness days to get to me and I live in California I feel that they are a preety good weigt and they also do look nice but I don\'t know if it\'s just me but my pinky does feel tension and pressure everytime I put them on and I went to practice hitting and my pinky was taking all of the force I don\'t no if it\'s because im not doing it right or what but after I took it off my pinky knuckle was all red overall they are preety nice I will give it a 4/5
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