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The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

We now offer custom engraved brass knuckles for just $89 each.   Our #1 Selling Item! 100% Authentic...

By David Kennedy on
It doesn\'t get any better. Let me say this: I received them today. I opened the package to reveal the two brass knuckles I had ordered just several days ago. Shiny and solid. I slipped them on and was so disappointed at myself for not ordering 4 sets of knuckles that I proceeded to punch multiple holes through the walls in my living room! The first punch went through so smoothly and effortlessly, that I punched some more. I\'m just glad I was alone. I feel like I could prowl the streets looking for criminals so I could crush their skulls with my new brass knuckles. Don\'t hesitate. These are totally LAWLESS knuckles and Tom Hardy would be proud.
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