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Wide-Top Knuckles - SMALL

Wide-Top Knuckles - SMALL

The perfect fitting knuckles for smaller hands!   The Wide Top Knuckles Small / Medium are made especially...

By Kyle Kline on
California King enjoying his new "paper weight" over here! These things are BURLY, and fit my hand perfectly(I wear a medium glove). I'm pretty sure it's a zinc alloy cast that's been brass plated based off of A) the description and B) the way the mold lines disappear flush on some edges but are pronounced in others. Using these bad boys the incorrect way, worn squared on my fist, I punched through a cedar fence plank, couple snapple bottles and a 2 1/2" thick paver square with no pain transfer in my palm or to the face of my fist. The 2 1/2" paver had some significant cracks and chunks put into it. The knuckles on the other hand flattened on the striking face, but we're talking flattening on a thousands of an inch level, I wouldn't even say 1mm. THANK YOU BKC, you guys do good work!
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