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Wide-Top "Midnight Chrome" Knuckles - SMALL

Wide-Top "Midnight Chrome" Knuckles - SMALL

For small to medium size hands only!   Introducing the evil twin brother of our extremely popular Wide Top...

Worth the buy 5
By James Parker on
Definitely impressed by this product. Sturdy and solid construction and no visible blemishes or scratches. The wide top knuckles are definitely more convenient for me, but people with large sized hands should not get this. The wide top doesnt have as much finger room as the normal version and could feel uncomfortable for people with large hands or long fingers.The chrome doesnt have that plastic look to it like most other silver/chrome ones do. I bought a pair of the brass ones too just to have both colors. The midnight chrome color isnt as flashy as the brass which gives it a nice subtle look. I had free shipping and it only took about 2 days to get to my mailbox. I reccomend shelling out the leather case they have because it does compliment the paperweights very nicely and keep them scratch free. The midnight chrome is definitely worth the buy in my opinion. 10/10
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