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Deluxe Pen Knife w/ LED Light

Deluxe Pen Knife w/ LED Light

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By Calvin Gee on
I had my doubts on receiving this item from this company because of the bad reviews I had read, but guess what??? THOSE BAD REVIEWS WERE WRONG!!! I received my two pen knives that I purchased from here AND I'll eventually order one more (maybe two more, still unsure lol going to buy some other things from this great site!). The pen knife does come with batteries and it is one super light pen for a knife which makes it very easy to carry and conceal to protect yourself if ever needed. (This is more of a get off me tool, than a weapon to kill... But that's basically all you need). This pen is more than I can ask for. It has a great finish, a pen clip, mini flashlight, it can even write when you have no choice because you don't have another pen (although I would try and not to write with it unless you absolutely have to), and last but not least, the knife in this pen is so concealed, that you have a get off me weapon on you at all times and nobody will even notice that your ordinary looking pen contains a knife! My overall conclusion is to just buy this pen knife and not one of those pen things with hard metal that says it can be used as a jabbing/bruising tool, because that wouldn't cut it. Just pick one of these pen knives up before they're all gone; if you don't, you're missing out on a very concealable, discrete, cool looking weapon that can protect you especially if you're a girl who doesn't really want to carry a large knife/gun on you, this will be perfect as it's undetectable and nobody will notice it on you (or if your a girl, nobody will notice it in your purse if you get searched) kind of like when you're at the bar or when things get out of hand at a party.
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