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Can you ship this product to my state/country?


Yes!!! With a few exceptions we can ship all products to all US states and all countries of the world.


We can ship all products to all states/cities in the US with the exception of Chicago, Illinois.

We will not ship the following products to Chicago, Illinois: throwing stars, automatic knives, metal or plastic knuckles. If your order contains these items and you provide a Chicago shipping address we will have to cancel your order. Please provide a non-Chicago shipping address to complete your order.

We ship from a warehouse in Kentucky USA. Orders shipped within the US are not subject to customs duty, tax or inspection.

Remember, as per our Terms of Service, it is up to you, the buyer, to determine what laws apply to you and to determine your local jurisdiction’s laws regarding the items you intend to order.


We can ship all of our products worldwide to all countries except for stun gun products and pepper spray products which can only be shipped to CANADA, USA and APO addresses. US law prohibits us from exporting these products to other countries.

Most non-US orders arrive without a problem but we recommend that you check your local laws regarding the products you intend to order. All of our shipments go out in plain boxes or envelopes with no mention of our company name. We general mark the contents as a "paperweight" with a $10 value and a "gift" designation. This ensures most orders arrive without a problem. However, the buyer is responsible for customs clearance. Sometimes your local customs may impose an import tax on your order. You are responsible for paying any tax and complying with your local customs office to release your shipment.

We may sometimes remove certain products from your order if the cost of shipping the item to your address is exorbitant. You will be refunded for any items not shipped.


The following is a list of countries associated with frequent credit card fraud and/or they do not participate in the Address Verification System. If your country is on this list we can still accept your order and ship to you but you must use the MONEY ORDER payment option and mail in your US dollar denominated money order to the address provided on your invoice when you checkout online. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We only accept MONEY ORDER payments for orders going to the following countries:

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Peru, Russian Federation, Tunisia.


These countries have been associated with high levels of credit card fraud. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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