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1864 New York Copper Knuckles- 100% Solid - Exclusive!

1864 New York Copper Knuckles- 100% Solid - Exclusive!

NOTICE: We do not ship metal knuckles to the states of CA, NY, IL, MI, and NV. If you provide a shipping address to...

Thick, weighty, DOPE. 5
By Shane Hunter on
The combination of questionable reviews and pictures showing a seemingly thinner pair of knuckles had me a bit concerned after placing the order. When they arrived all concerns went right out the window. These are heavy, perfectly formed and fit wonderfully in the hand. I spent over an hour just admiring them in my hand. Such a pleasant surprise. These are SICK. I got the chrome pair at the same time. Those are also amazing. As thick and as heavy as you want. Im gonna get the bareknuckle brawlers next. Amazing product, amazing company. New and loyal customer from here on out.
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