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Original Chrome Knuckles

Original Chrome Knuckles

Our #2 All-Time Best Selling Product!   The Original and Best Chrome Plated Knuckles   Superior...

By james springborn on
This is Pinky, from customer service putting a post.. FYI my shipper was NOT on vacation, He had a family emergency and had to leave right away for about a week. So Please be understanding and patient with us. We are a bit behind, but trying to catch up on orders. On a normal basis orders do go out in 48 hours or less. I do not know where jon mark got the idea that my shipper was on vacation. Correction \"MY SHIPPER HAD A FAMILY EMERGENCY\" thank you and by the way I love my chrome knuckles I\'ve had them for 5 Years and they still look brand new and I\'ve punch cinder blocks, plywood, and palm trees.. Not even a chip on my Knuckles
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