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Original Chrome Knuckles

Original Chrome Knuckles

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By Marlene Fearnside on
Well, I just got my Knuckles in the Mail today, it took about a week, which to tell you truthfully was much sooner then I expected them, people are saying it is taking a month or 2 until they get them, so that was what I was expecting, and when they came after about a week, I was very suprised and happy! Unfortunitly I personally don't have all that beefy of fingers, so the holes are kinda big, but obviously that is nothing that the Company can change, other then that, I love these Knuckes, just the right weight, the shinyness is just epic, and I went outside and punched a old peice of Drywall I had, first time I accidently hit the tip of one of my fingers on the dry wall, but that was my fault, the second time I was sure to hold them right and I punched with everything I had and the Dry Wall broke very easily. So yea, I've very happy with my purchase, defintly worth buy them. 5/5 for sure.
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