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Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™ A Brass Knuckles Company™ Exclusive!   We only made a limited run...

By johannes jonasson on
Got mine today, have only been waiting for 1 week.. some may think that is much, but the thing is that i live in sweden.. so the delivery was really fast imo :). and aobut the ironknuckle, its far more attractive in real life then what it seems to be on the site, and it fits like a glove, my hands are quite big, but my fingers are not that fat, but it still feels like a dream when i take it on..
the details on the knuckle, and the same goes for the finish and overall standard of the knuckle is really high if you ask me, for such a low price you get more then you could ask for :)
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