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Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Vintage Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron - Exclusive!

Bare Knuckles Boxing Iron™ A Brass Knuckles Company™ Exclusive!   We only made a limited run...
$22.95 $19.95-13%

By James Walker on
Absolutely Amazing Craftmenship On These Knuckles!! Fits Like A Glove!! Designed To Fit Each Finger Perfectly So It Makes It Hard For Someone To Take Away Or Fall Out Hand Easily. WARNING, These Knuckles Can Cause Some Major Damage & Can Potentially Kill Someone. The Spiked Hard Ridges On Each Knuckle And On The Sides Result In Powerful Or Even Deadly Blows. The Only Con About This Product Is That I Wish It Was Thicker & Heavier As Advertised. These Knuckles Are So Badass I Wish I Ordered Two. Once Again Great Work BKC A++
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