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Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Hard Plastic Knuckles - 100% Non-Metal A Brass Knuckles Co.™ Exclusive!   We are proud to introduce...

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By Joseph Carney on
These knuckles are very solid. I tested them by punching a poly-carbonate riot shield and they held up nicely. The shield actually sustained more damage than these knuckles. Only the slightest bit of wear on the cornered edges of the knuckles came from the punching. The size is just about right for my hand and I wear a mens large glove. The only critique I can give is the edges of the finger holes are too sharp. I sanded mine down a little bit. I do recommend these knuckles. They are solid and won't weigh a ton in your pocket and the price is nice.
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