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Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Stealth Knuckles™ - 100% Non-Metal

Hard Plastic Knuckles - 100% Non-Metal A Brass Knuckles Co.™ Exclusive!   We are proud to introduce...

By jonah stark on
so i ordered the stealth knuckles, iron boxing, and chrome knuckles. so first off let me say it took under 2 weeks to deliver. i live in Florida. the stealth knuckles are a great ,very light ,durable knuckle. take a hit great with just a little pressure on the pinky. the boxing knuckles are by far my Favorite out of these, good weight, fits awesome, great job on those! the chrome knuckles, more for looks then use. scratch very easy but most chrome does, do love the heavy feeling of the chrome knuckle tho. over all they did a great job making them, i put them to a good test all all retained good look and shape other then the chrome which scratched and chipped but i was harsh on them. over all very impressed. the iron boxing knuckle tho by far exceeded my expectations!
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