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Patriot™ Brass Knuckles - Made In USA - 100% PURE BRASS

Patriot™ Brass Knuckles - Made In USA - 100% PURE BRASS

Hand Made In The USA! We are proud to finally introduce the first MADE IN USA version of our ORIGINAL BRASS...

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By Patrick Mitchell on
I’m reviewing based upon Fit and Finish.

Fit: 4.8/5. I expected all of the finger holes to be the exact same size, however one of the pinky/index finger holes, whichever way the knuckles are being held, is smaller than the opposite side. So the knuckles definitely go on and slide off easier oriented in one specific direction. In one way, the index finger slides in and out easily, the other way, it’s slightly more snug and I have to physically pull them off my hand.

Finish: 3.8/5. I paid more for these because the description says they’re made in the USA. While I have no reason to believe the description is inaccurate, there are no markings or stamps/engravings on the knuckles themselves that state “USA”, and I did expect that since the price way greater and it was explicitly stated, something about the product would also signify that.

Other than those couple of things, the knuckles are as advertised and seem very well made. I haven’t used them yet in a situation, and hopefully never have to, but I do trust them if the situation does arise.
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