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Hand Made In The USA!

We are proud to finally introduce the first MADE IN USA version of our ORIGINAL BRASS KNUCKLES. They are 100% solid brass and are each individually hand cast at a machine shop in an undisclosed location the south of the USA. They feature a course "gravel" finish reminiscent of authentic historic specimens of hand made knuckles from the 18th and 19th centuries. The finish may be blemished but the glory will shine through.


Be a part of the beginning of a long American tradition. Order the Patriot™ Brass Knuckles now and see the quality for yourself.



We are so confident in our superior quality that we offer a Double Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!



Approx. Dimensions: 4.5 inch across .5 inch thick 2.5 in high. Approx. 1 inch diameter finger holes.

Approx. Weight: 6 oz.

Material: 100% Solid Nautical Quality Brass. Can be welded onto.

Double Lifetime Guarantee: We will replace your brass knuckles just like Craftsman used to replace your wrenches. It doesn't matter if the damage was your fault or not. Just send us the broken pieces and we'll send you a replacement. We are that confident that these knuckles are built to last.

NOTICE: We do not ship any knuckles to Illinois. If you provide a Illinois shipping address your order will be canceled.

Is This A Belt Buckle? No. These are authentic solid brass knuckles. There is no screw hole and stud that you see on novelty "buckle" paperweights. Our product is real.

Do these come as a pair of two? Our knuckles are sold individually not as a pair of two.

Can I get these engraved? Yes, since they are made of solid brass they can be engraved. We offer custom engraved brass knuckles here.


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Good Product 4 out of 5
Reviewed by Patrick Mitchell on Feb 20, 2021

I’m reviewing based upon Fit and Finish.

Fit: 4.8/5. I expected all of the finger holes to be the exact same size, however one of the pinky/index finger holes, whichever way the knuckles are being held, is smaller than the opposite side. So the knuckles definitely go on and slide off easier oriented in one specific direction. In one way, the index finger slides in and out easily, the other way, it’s slightly more snug and I have to physically pull them off my hand.

Finish: 3.8/5. I paid more for these because the description says they’re made in the USA. While I have no reason to believe the description is inaccurate, there are no markings or stamps/engravings on the knuckles themselves that state “USA”, and I did expect that since the price way greater and it was explicitly stated, something about the product would also signify that.

Other than those couple of things, the knuckles are as advertised and seem very well made. I haven’t used them yet in a situation, and hopefully never have to, but I do trust them if the situation does arise.
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Very well made 5 out of 5
Reviewed by Ezekiel Esquivel on Aug 11, 2020

Now I ordered these expecting a very good United States made product and that's what I got! 100% pure brass and what feels like enough power to knock the socket out of someone's eye, now when you get this pair it may look a bit beat up but that's okay cause that's part of the magic. Overall I would recommend 10/10
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Real deal 5 out of 5
Reviewed by Gilberto Sebastian Romo on Jul 20, 2020

They look old school like have been made by hand.. I like em fit nice and comfortable...Thanks BKC May Jesus Bless y’all
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1 - 3 of 3 reviews (ALL)

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