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The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

We now offer custom engraved brass knuckles for just $89 each.   Our #1 Selling Item! 100% Authentic...

By xavier mejia on
I had a pair of chrome knuckles I bought in L.A. best pair I ever owned and my former roommate picked them up on his way out, been looking for the right replacement ever since. Bought these and love the quality in them, real slick only problem for me is my big hands and fingers. They don't sit in my hand the same way like the L.A. pair I had. I know knucks are worth their weight in gold. One time I was djing a house party and some busters wanted to crash in. I went outside with my brother and my homeboy, there was 16 of them and only three of us. I sent 3 of their guys to the hospital that night. Hours afterwards they were tweeting how they got jumped. You be the judge 3 vs 16 who is jumping who? I just leveled the playing field a bit. So I got this and the stealth knucks and they are the same dimension so I gave my brother the brass and my old lady the stealth. Goin to give the chrome knucks a try so ill review when I get them in
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