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The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

The Original Brass Knuckles - 100% PURE

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By Phillip Diaz on
Finally got around to buying these after I thought this website was very sketchy for the past 4 years. Got the courage, and finally made my order. These came in and I was super excited. Held them in my hand, and they are easily the best pair of knuckles I have ever held. The materials are clearly top notch, and the weight feels great. Dropping these on the table makes an awesome sound. My only gripe is that the insides could use more work. The inside edges definitely need to be rounded down more as they are not comfortable at all. I would NOT recommend using these at all due to comfort. The inside surface where your palm is has a very rough finish, but I can't complain because I can imagine it must be difficult to smoothen that part out. Still, all in all, the best pair I have ever held because of its materials and the outside has a great finish, but the inside is very rough. I definitely will shop around the other products though.
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