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Wide-Top Knuckles - SMALL

Wide-Top Knuckles - SMALL

The perfect fitting knuckles for smaller hands!   The Wide Top Knuckles Small / Medium are made especially...

By Logan Smith on
Very impressed! I consider myself to have small-medium sized hands. These literally fit like they are completely custom knucks. They have that snug fit where they don't easily slide off the fingers. I love my classic, and Chrome knucklles, but they are to big for me. They aren't practical to use in a fight for self defence, as they would either fall of my hand of break my fingers. These knuckles and definitely made for smaller hands, I didn't think they would fit when I first looked at then. But they couldn't fit any better. I would feel extremely confident using these for self defence without then falling off my hands or something. Very much worth the money!
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