Hawk Blade Necklace Knife - Black

Hawk Blade Necklace Knife - Black

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Hawk Blade Necklace Knife

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For hunting, fishing, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities this blade will definitely come in handy. The knife itself locks into the necklace piece with a quick release button and the whole assembly is hung around you neck by a tough cord. Its always reassuring to have a knife easily available right when you need it the most.

Each of these neck knives has a form-fitted, hard plastic sheath that securely holds the fixed blade knives in place. Made to be worn upside down around the neck using the breakaway beaded chain much like the ones used for military dog tags. The blade be taken out of the sheath with a sharp tug from the sheath. Designed for quick draw, the knife can be ready to use in an instant.

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