Dragon Knuckles Knife

Dragon Knuckles Knife

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 Over 13 inches long!


Includes leather shealth.



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EXCELLENT knuckle knife! 5 out of 5
Reviewed by Dylan Joseph on May 20, 2018

I paid what, about $23 for this knife? What an excellent deal! Almost the entire body is stainless steel. Only a very small portion of the knife handle is plastic and even that part looks cool and has a nice design. Really, everything about this knife is cool, especially the blade design. I like the small serrated backing, the holes in the middle that add to the lightweight-ness of the knife, nice sharp point, and the blade is sharp enough out of the package but I'm waiting on a knife sharpener to really get it razor sharp. It comes with a very nice sheath, I have a hard time telling if it's real leather or pleather but it could be either, I have a bad eye for that! My guess is pleather but I could be wrong. The sheath has a nice big belt loop that fits on my belt perfectly to hide under my long coat. Finally, there is a snap buckle that wraps around one of the knuckles to keep it in place and the knuckles are nice and smooth so as not to get caught on anything when you pull it out. Really, it's a perfect badass knife at an amazing price. I bought the Fist Of Zeus with a knife more like this in mind but while that knife is very impractical for taking out of the house, the Black Widow is big, scary, but very practical for hiding under a long coat on your belt. My only minor gripe is that I wish the sheath was designed to be on your right side because I'm right-handed, but it's not. No huge deal though, I gotta wear it on my left side. Highly recommended.
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