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Our #1 Selling Item!

100% Authentic Solid Brass Knuckles


Since 1999, we have been the exclusive manufacturers of the finest Brass Knuckles available in the world today. We are so confident in our superior quality that we offer a Double Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!



No other seller can match the quality of our hand cast and polished knuckles.


This is the original, the Devastating Intimidater. The luster on this hunk of brass is enough to cause any opponent to think twice. Thick, heavy, and nearly indestructible. Made of 100% solid nautical brass and hand polished to a gleaming, natural finish. Never plated!


Perfect Polished Brass Knuckles

Only the finest quality.... For years, we combed every corner of the Earth to find the finest crafters of brass knuckles. England, Mexico, Pakistan, China, France, Germany have all been our hunting ground. Finally, we happened upon a distant region of India that will have to remain nameless. This ancient province has been known for over 2,000 years to produce the best quality hand crafted brass goods in the world.


Our Traditional Manufacturing Process...Our knuckles are made the old fashion way. Each one is hand cast and polished by experienced craftsman who make fine custom hardware and brass sculptures for top luxury brands all over the world.


Individually Hand Polished...Since our product is hand polished the finish will be gleaming and beautiful inside and out. By using a polishing paste and a soft cloth you can keep them looking beautiful forever. With a little effort you can even polish up these solid brass knuckles to a higher shine then when they come out of the factory!


Hand casting brass knuckles

But A Word Of Warning... Don't be fooled by others selling cheap pot metal knuckles that are spray painted gold or have a rough, pitted finish.


Our 100% Authentic Solid Brass Knuckles are the real thing. Each one is hand cast and polished and made to be nearly indestructible. They look great as movie props and make a respectable addition to any collection. Since they are solid they can be sanded down and repolished as needed.


Cut Away Section Showing Solid Nautical Brass.


You'll never have a better opportunity then now to enjoy this exotic masterpiece!

Order now!


Solid Nautical Brass Knuckles


Approx. Dimensions: 4.5 inch across .5 inch thick 2.5 in high. Approx. 1 inch diameter finger holes.

Approx. Weight: 5 oz.

Material: 100% Solid Nautical Quality Brass. Can be welded onto.

Double Lifetime Guarantee: We will replace your brass knuckles just like Craftsman used to replace your wrenches. It doesn't matter if the damage was your fault or not. Just send us the broken pieces and we'll send you a replacement. We are that confident that these knuckles are built to last.

Is This A Belt Buckle? No. These are authentic solid brass knuckles. There is no screw hole and stud that you see on novelty "buckle" paperweights. Our product is real.

Do these come as a pair of two? Our knuckles are sold individually not as a pair of two.

Can I get these engraved? Yes, since they are made of solid brass they can be engraved. We offer custom engraved brass knuckles here.



Protect your collectible with our Genuine Leather Knuckles Case

Genuine Leather Knuckles Case

Leaher Knuckles Case Sleeve

NOTICE: We do not ship this product to the states of  IL, NV. If you provide a shipping address to those states your order will be canceled if you can not provide an alternative shipping address. Other shipping restrictions may apply. Check your local laws before ordering.

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5 out of 5
Reviewed by Mikel Thurman on Mar 23, 2017

Like many, I thought the site looked a bit sketchy. It does but it's not.
The pair I got came via USPS a day earlier than originally tracked.
Compactly packaged in a white vinyl USPS envelope the inner package is a cardboard box, labeled as a brass knuckles paperweight.
The knucles themselves are PERFECT. Highly polished, there are no visible flaws such as voids, etc. I will order again. The copper NYPD knuckles look interesting....
Customers: order with confidence
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5 out of 5
Reviewed by Matthew Vasquez on Dec 20, 2016

Just came in!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! definitely gonna buy more from this site
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5 out of 5
Reviewed by Jamal Grady on Nov 07, 2016

I ordered a pair of these many years ago and they still look brand new. I just ordered the chrome ones. I love showing them to friends. Most people never see brass knuckles up close.
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4 out of 5
Reviewed by Will O'Brien on Oct 20, 2016

these are the first knuckles i ever ordered, I really like them and they are definitely Grade A.. However, I give them 4/5 stars because they are a bit bulky in my fist and very shiny and bright. These are too bulky and flashy to bring out with you, and wayyyy to flashy to use in a public setting. I plan on ordering another pair of knuckles to carry around for self-defense, but this time around im going to get the black plastic knuckles instead because they are not as noticeable and flashy. Overall, these are cool knuckles though-- a great first pair.
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5 out of 5
Reviewed by Enda Quinn on Sep 24, 2016

Fantastic service. Fast delivery and affordable price. Shipped to Ireland within a week so pleased with this website.
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